Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip to Colorado

You can tell by some of Brandon's photos below that we had a GREAT time in Colorado! We headed out last Saturday and came home this past Saturday. We stayed in Colorado Springs, the Leadville area, and Denver and Parker had such a fun time playing with his cousins, climbing rocks, riding on the train, playing in the mountains, fishing, swinging, and hanging out with his family. We stayed at The Grand West cabins and they are wonderful- the setting is beautiful, quiet, and the cabins are clean and kid friendly. It is close to Turquoise Lake and Leadville and is absolutely beautiful! This trip solidified our decision to get a nice camper to take to Colorado on future family trips. :) We had so much fun together and it is amazing how incredible our little guy is with traveling and adjusting to new environments....he is a sweet boy! We decided that next time Bella has to go with well as Parker's new little brother!

It's A..........

BOY!! We found out on July 16, 2010 that Parker is going to have a little brother! This is very exciting news because Parker will now have a playmate to get into trouble with and we have so much boy stuff that it will be much easier to plan for this baby!! :) At first Parker was upset...he went with Brandon and I to get the ultrasound and when we told him it was a baby brother, he kept saying that he was having a little sister! But, after convincing him that brothers are fun, he is ready for a "baby brother."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Big Guy

Parker is officially potty trained!! Well...for the most part! With many thanks to Aunt Dani, and many times of asking, "do you need to go potty?," Parker has mastered the art of going potty...not only that, he now "stands up like dad does it" and has better aim than most men that have used our bathroom! LOL! He even cleans up after himself and like to do it himself, so he needs no help from mom and dad. It's a sad day when we don't buy diapers least for the next 4 months! Parker is such a big boy and we are proud of him for being so smart!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Parker's Ice Cream- Just for Kids!

While Brandon was gone, Parker and I ate Sonic for dinner and I got Parker a special ice cream treat. He ate about six bites of it and then was on to something else. I decided I would take a bite of it....Parker saw me do this and yelled, "NO MOM! That is only for kids!"

This is a photo of Bella and her new best friend, Annie! They had so much fun at the lake together, while Brandon and Ben (and Junelle) worked on the house. Ben and Junelle- Thanks for letting Brandon and Bella visit....they had fun!!!!!