Monday, December 31, 2012

The Boys & Living in the Moment

I don't know about ya'll, but I am sooooo not motivated right now.  I feel like I'm kinda in this funk and all I want to do is wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt, pull my hair back in a pony, and play with the boys.  I've got a gajillion words floating through my mind and throughout the day I'll think up one or two topics I'd like to write about and then by the time I get a chance to sit down in front of the computer - poof!  I can't seem to remember the super interesting stuff I wanted to tell my blog friends about.

So, because I haven't given a good update on the boys lately, that's what I am thinkin' today's post will be about.  My boys....oh, and my plan for 2013.

Have I told you lately how BIG Parker is getting.  He's gotten to that age where he's eating everything. For example, last night I made Cashew Chicken....and thinking that there was no way he was going to eat that, I also made up a peanut butter sandwich for him.  Low and behold, he ate the Cashew Chicken, as well as two {yes, TWO} peanut butter sandwiches, a bowl full of grapes, and two large glasses of milk.  That boy is a growin'!

It's happening.  Yep, I knew it would happen one of these days {I just hoped it wouldn't be so soon}.  Parker has turned sides.  He's no longer a Momma's boy.  Maybe it's because Brandon is better at video games, or maybe it's because I'm a girl and liking girls is 'not so cool' anymore...whatever the reason, Parker has become a real 'guy'.  This is a bittersweet moment in our relationship because I am overwhelmed with good feelings by the fact that Parker wants to do more with his Dad, but it makes my heart hurt a little to know that he no longer only wants his Momma. 

I guess this is where my sweetie boy Andrew comes in....he is a full-fledged, leg hugging, cry for Momma kind of a boy!  Oh yeah.  This two year old is one sweet Momma's boy!  I love it and loathe it all at the same time.  Momma needs to take a shower....Andrew wants his Momma.  Momma sits down to drink a cup of {much deserved} coffee....Andrew wants Momma to play.  But, this is what Momma is good for and just when I'm feeling sad that Parker doesn't need me as much, Andrew is filling that spot perfectly.  And, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Oh my.  Andrew cracks me up.  He is stringing words {or more like noises} together to make language.  I won't say sentences because most of the time I can only pick out a couple of words, but this is definitely some sort of language and it's amazing to watch this little guy learn to communicate.  He is one proud fella when we have a conversation.  Here's a sample:

Andrew: 'Bella Eat'
Me: 'Does Bella need more food?'
Andrew: 'Aye!' {Yes!}
Me: 'Would you like to give Bella a treat?'
Andrew: 'Aye, Bella Eat Treat.'
Andrew proceeds to follow Bella around the house until she eats a treat.

Or, this is one of my favorite conversations:
Brandon: 'Andrew, did you go poopy?'
Andrew: 'No, Momma poop.'
Brandon: 'Andrew, I think you have poopy pants on.'
Andrew: 'No, Bubba poop.'
Brandon: 'Are you sure, I think you're kinda stinky?'
Andrew: 'No, Dada poop.'
{Why is it that Brandon is always talking about poop....must be a boy thing.}

Two year olds are the most fun....but, they are also the most challenging little people.  Andrew throws the most amazing tantrums I've ever seen/heard, he never wants to sit down and eat a meal, he gets upset and pushes, throws things, and says 'no' and 'mine' clearer than any other word, but then he also gives the best snuggles and sweet little kisses.  He's started holding my hand all of the time {which I love}, he loves to read, watch movies, and play with his cars.  He loves his brother {most of the time} and he's always asking Bubba to play with him.  He sings the funniest songs, knows how to make us laugh with his amazing sense of humor, and he's got us all wrapped around his finger.  Andrew tests my patience every day, but he also gives me the most wonderful feeling of peace and gratitude and love.  

Parker is super smart.  We all knew that, right?  Well, I have a progress report to prove this little fact.  A progress report that asked Parker to count to 13...then to 20...then to 30...and then, Parker stopped his teacher and said, 'You know, Ms. Paula, I can count to 100, so if you want me to keep going I will.'  I die.  Really.  Parker is so smart that sometimes I worry that he's going to outsmart me one day.  I mean, geez, it's bad enough that one day he will tower over me and dominate on the basketball least give me something.  But, seriously, I know he's going to do so many great things with his smart mind.  I can't wait to see what he does!  He is my big man and just keeps growing and growing and growing and becoming more and more of an individual little guy.  Hard for this Momma to handle, but fun at the same time.

As we wrap up 2012, so much has happened this year.  This year has definitely been a roller coaster of ups and downs, highlights and lowlights.  Tonight as we have friends over to celebrate the new year, I am so thankful for all of our blessings from this year.  

As I ramble on and on about the newest and greatest about my boys, I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Tonight we'll ring in 2013 and prepare to embark on another year.  And, while this year, we lived by the word 'simplify', this next year is going to be a little different....a more 'live in the moment' kind of a year.  More of what I've been doing the past couple of weeks - playing, spending time with family, and living in the moment for what it has to offer now, not what it will have to offer if I take the best photos or have something interesting to post on Facebook.  Because when it comes down to boys are what I have to show for this life, not my Facebook page or a blog post {although I do enjoy sharing my life with my FB friends and writing on the blog}.  So, I'm making a pledge in 2013, to do less Facebooking and blogging and to really spend time on what matters most to me....the boys.

Happy New Year my friends!  May you find much happiness and many 'live in the moment' days in 2013!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Catch-Up

Like most Moms {and Dads} out there, the day after Christmas I felt like I'd been hit by a freight train.  The adrenaline of Christmas morning had worn off, the house was a wreck from opening gift after gift after gift and the kitchen...oh man, the kitchen was a disaster.  Not to mention, we had no food left in the house, millions of boxes in our recycling bin that was over flowing, new toys to find places for, new clothes to be washed and put away, etc.

But, you know what made all of the crazy 'day-after-Christmas' mess go away....the memory of our three day Christmas celebration.  Yep, that's right, in our family we don't just celebrate one's three full days of Christmas.

Every year it seems like I say this: "This was the best Christmas. Ever."  And, it's true.  The best part of being a Mom is Christmas morning, seeing the boys eyes light up with excitement, running down the stairs, and making magical memories to last an entire year {until next Christmas, that is}.  I loved seeing Parker light up when a gift that he picked out made someone smile.  Or when Andrew finally got the concept that if you rip the paper open, something fun will be inside.  When Parker exclaimed, 'Mom!  How did they know I wanted that!'  When Andrew {finally} started to warm up to all of our family members and act silly and crazy with the other kids.  When Parker complimented the food and Andrew hugged his gifts and kissed his Momma when he got excited.  All of these moments will forever be remembered as the Christmas of 2012, along with much, much more. 

And, because I'm still recovering from getting my house back in order, getting ready for new carpet, and relaxing a little after our holiday, I am going to keep this short and let the photos do the talking.

Here's a little Christmas Catch-Up for you:

Christmas in DeSoto...

Christmas at the farm...

Christmas Eve at home {I love this time with my sweet little family}...

Christmas morning {don't even think about commenting on my hair}...

Christmas in Topeka {by this time, I was starting to slow down on my camera duty}...

 I love our Christmas traditions, both old and new.  I love it that every year we find one more way to make Christmas special, whether it's putting food out for the reindeer or the kid's newfound excitement in watching others open gifts.  This Christmas was one of pure joy and happiness for us and we are so blessed to have such sweet family and friends to share it with.