Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Phone Dump and {finally} Taking a Breather

Whew!  Does anyone else think August just flew by at like 100 mph?!  Or as Parker would say - "It was off like stinky socks!"

Yep, that it was.  

It's already Labor Day Weekend.  And, in honor of our annual Labor Day Weekend ritual of "taking a breather", we have absolutely no plans for this weekend.  Sure, we have haircuts tomorrow, I'd like to buy some fall flowers, I'll probably end up cleaning the house, we may do a little shopping, but definite plans: we have none.

It feels good.

Why does it feel so good to take a breather?

Because we've been going nonstop for a couple of weeks now and we need to slow it down....I think we'll go about 30 mph this weekend.  Instead of 100.

Here's to our Labor Day breather!  What do you have planned?

{Parker starts his 2nd year of preschool next week, gymnastics, and has his first soccer game of the season and we are so so so excited!  And, my sweet Andrew has some new tricks up his sleeve! Stay tuned!}

This is my very first Friday Phone Dump.  I think it's the first one because, normally, I have my Canon up in everyone's faces trying to get the best pics.  I haven't even had time for, our memories from the past two weeks are stuck in my phone.  And, now I'm dumping them in the blog. I love my iPhone.

Oh yes.  The famous 'Chicks Dig Me' shirt.  Parker loved this shirt.  Now Andrew loves it...especially with no pants on.  Luckily the chicks do dig him...with or without his pants.

I {finally} had time to get all of Parker's school work from last year organized into a binder.  Thanks to my friend, Julie {who gave me this idea}, Parker work is now preserved in a three ring binder with cover sheets to protect it.  He is so smart and his schoolwork proves it!

First soccer practice!

We buried St. Joseph in our front yard.  I think it's a Catholic thing.  He is going to help us sell our house.  If it happens next week, Brandon said we will convert.  We do have someone looking at it...

We do this run every year and this year it ended up being on a Saturday morning when we didn't have the boys with us!  So, I got to run it without a jogging stroller {much easier}.  Great job, girls!

One of the perks of working on a college campus is that we get to go to all of the home football games, free of charge.  The first game was last Saturday - Go Braves!

Another perk?!  The wonderful students we get to work with!  This was their first day of school photo - we didn't have a chalk board.

And, last, but not least, we've had a special visitor at our house this week.  Miss Emme the dog has been staying with us while my in-laws are out of town.  We love Em and her silly personality.  

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your long weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flash Back Friday: Video

So, my phone told me the other day that I was running out of space.  That I couldn't take any more photos on my phone because I had already taken over 800 photos and videos on there and it just couldn't take any more.

I started going through the photos and videos and I stopped when I came across this one.

I love this video.

I was pregnant with Andrew when this was recorded.  Parker was still the only rider of the daddy horse and I love his little words and giggles.  "Whoa Horsey!"

"Down Horsey!"

I love Brandon's horse impersonation - one that I've seen a million times, but for some reason, in this video, it cracks me up.

I love it all.  The silly horse, the cute cowboy, the giggles, the tiny little boy voice that Parker has started to outgrow.  The way that horse throws him off but he just gets right back on and laughs...and he tells that horsey how it is! 

Something I love more: Now there are two riders of the daddy horse...two boys giggling with delight as the daddy horse bucks them off and throws them to the ground.  Two boys who climb right back up on that horse and between giggles they say, "More!  More!"  Video coming soon of my two little cowboys...

Happy Friday friends!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Best Buds

It's no secret that my little guys love their friends.  Every day Parker asks what kind of a 'day' it is going to be - a 'stay at home' day, a 'Sherry' day, a 'church' day, a 'swimming lesson' get the picture.  I can see it in their eyes: They are desperately hoping that I'm going to say it's a 'friend' day...or an 'invite the neighbors over to play' day, or even a 'Sherry' day {when they get to play with some of their favorite friends}.

My boys love their buddies.  And, Caden and Mason, they just happen to be two of the very best buds of all.

You know those friends that, no matter how long it's been since you've seen them - a couple of weeks, a couple of months...or maybe even 6 months {eeek, where does the time go?!} - you start off right where you left off.  Those friends that make you laugh until your cheeks hurt.  Those friends that you call with the best of news {I can still remember calling Julie when I found out I was pregnant with both of my boys} and they are those friends that you call {or text} with the worst of news.  They are the friends that make you want the night to last forever and time to stand still because whenever you're together you are so content and happy in the moment.

Well, that's how we are with Caden and Mason's mom and dad...Justin and Julie.  So, you can see how my boys might choose Caden and Mason to be their very best buds.

These friends of ours live on the most beautiful farm.

{"C'mon, Andrew, don't you want to play in the water?"}

And, whenever we are out there, it's so serene and peaceful.

{Petey the Peacock lives out at the Hoffman farm.}

Especially when you can sit on the hammock with one of your very best friends and watch your boys squeal with laughter as they run through the sprinkler.

It's amazing.

Or, when you can try and try and try to talk your kids into gathering up their things to start to head home, but instead you find yourself thrown into the most adorable dance party you've ever seen.

Yep, that's the kid of 'best buds' we've got.  And, I love it that our friendship is carrying over to our kiddos and I know that they are going to be life long friends.  I can't wait to watch it all!

We love our sweet friends!

{And I can't wait to share these photos at their high school graduation parties and wedding receptions!}

**This beautiful farm that our friends own is currently for sale.  For more information about this country home and wonderful land, go here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meeting Reese Michele

Welcome to the family Reese!

The boys have a new cousin {and we get another niece}!

{Disclaimer: Disregard the woman in the pink shirt who had not showered that day...I was too excited to meet Reese!}

She is beautiful.  Congratulations to Dana, Joe, Morgan, and Avery...and Grandma and Papa too!

Another pretty girl - just like her sisters!

We can't wait to spoil her rotten!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The {not so} Terrible Two's

My little Andrew is quite possibly the sweetest little boy on earth.  He loves his brother {and follows him every where}, he loves his Momma, he REALLY loves his Daaaaaaad, and he even loves his dog.  He loves to watch movies {yes, I have a 21 month old that watches movies...sue me}.  He loves to play outside, to run, run, run, and run some more.  He loves the water and is so independent that it makes my heart melt.  He is growing so tall and so smart and he is starting to work his words together to actually communicate with all of us.

Little Bubba is just what every family needs - a little spunk with a little sweet. 

So, lately, as Andrew's personality is starting to blossom, I've been worried about the 'terrible two's'.  Parker never had a case of the 'terrible two's'...his was more like the 'sassy four's'.

Let me tell you - Andrew can screech and holler and {as my friend Kendra writes about here} he has his fair share of WAF's {wild ass fits}.  They are wild.  He can kick his feet like no other and he can cry and sob and produce real tears if that's what's going to get him what he wants.

I know.  You can't believe it.  Just wait for nap time.  You'll see.

Parker never did that.  I think it's a second child thing.  I'm sure I did fact, I know I did. 

This worries me - that Andrew is going to be my 'wild child'.  But, you know what I think totally outweighs this....the fact that we can handle it.  Andrew may have some 'terrible two's' coming up, but I am ready.  I've got my super mom power that is telling me I can take Andrew's second year and make it work - make it the best year yet.  I love two year olds.  It's always been my favorite age.

{Don't you just want to smooch him!}

So, bring it on.  Bring on the {not so} terrible two's.  We're ready. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Shout Out

Tomorrow my little brother and my youngest sister turn 21.  And, while we won't be celebrating with them tomorrow, I know they'll have fun because it is their 21st birthday and they know how to have some fun.  Happy birthday Twinkies - we love you and wish you the very best on your birthday.  And, because you're turning the big 2-1, remember this: It's okay to only get to 16 shots on your 21st birthday and it's also okay to only remember certain parts {especially 10 years later}, but you need to BE SAFE and enjoy your night!

Let's get together to celebrate soon - the g-rated version of your 21st birthday!

Love you both.

Just for fun, here's a picture of us on my 21st birthday.  Jon and Lauryn would have been 11.   I'll be 32 this year.  Old.
And, speaking of birthdays.  This guy has one coming up.

In about a month, Parker will be turning 5.  What?!  No way!

Yep, it's true.  And, because we try to do as much as possible to celebrate birthdays around here, we are in full birthday mode.  Goody bags are starting to take shape, plans for the back yard to turn into a full-blown Wipeout course and in action, invitations are being addressed and stamped, and tomorrow I'm even trying a practice birthday cake out {yep, it's gotta be perfect for my 5 year old}.

It's hard to imagine that Parker will be turning five.  And, just like every other birthday with these two boys - it's hard to believe that another year has sped by and we are all another year older.  Because just as soon as Parker's birthday comes winding down, Andrew's is just around the corner...creeping up on me.

But, in my book, birthdays are fun.  What could possibly be more important than celebrating the day we were born.  The day we were brought into this world to LIVE.  To do GREAT things.  To make LIFE better for everyone we meet.  There's no better time to do that.

Yep, we'll be partying it up around here for the next few months and I. Can't. Wait.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Queen of Summer

Nope, it's not me.

It's the famous Aunt Dani.

For the past 5 years Aunt Dani has been the Queen of Summer at our house.  Every summer our daycare provider {who we love, love, love} takes some much deserved time off.  It's perfect.  It gives the boys a 'real summer break'.  During summer break, Aunt Dani steps in and gives my boys the summer time of their dreams.

They go to the pool.  Watch movies.  Walk to the park.  Take naps.  Play outside.  Well, with Aunt Dani around these boys pretty much do whatever they want.  They've got her wrapped around their little fingers...and, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dani- Thank you so much for everything you do for my boys!  I love it that they get so excited to see you and that you have inside jokes with them.  I love it that Andrew acts like a crazy man every time he sees you and Parker gets that goofy, shy, 'Jon Grin' on his face when you walk in the room.  I'm so grateful for this time that you've gotten to spend with them and it's something they will always remember.  WE love you and can't wait for next summer! 

Here is a little walk down memory lane for you...

Year 1 {2008}

Year 2 {2009}

Year 3 {2010}

Year 4 {2011}

Year 5 {This Year!}

You are officially the Queen of Summer.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Boy Giggles

I know.  Boys aren't supposed to be gigglers.  But, listen to this.

I love it.

Doesn't this make you smile all over.  Inside and out.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Evening at the K!

It was 105 degrees and we were all a little cranky {Andrew had not slept well the night before and the boys had an incredibly fun day with Aunt they were tired}, but we had tickets and this was on our summer bucket list: to go to a Royal's Game!

Luckily, Aunt Dani and her {boy} friend decided to go with us.  Like I've said before, Aunt Dani makes everything better.

Parker's been asking all summer to go play miniature golf at the Royal's Game - and, that's just what we did upon entering the stadium.  Although I have no photos to prove our golf game, I did get this one of Parker pretending to eat the giant ice cream cone!

Andrew, on the other hand, was not in the mood for playing much of anything...that is, until he saw the carousel!

My little guy, when he's excited about something, he first throws his hands up in the air as a 'heck yeah, I want to do that', and then he gets a goofy little {sweet} grin on his face.  He does this when watching Toy Story or reading a good book.  He does it when he's eating a yummy cookie, and now we can add 'riding a carousel' to his list of happy moments.

 The boys hit the ball, ran the bases, played in the water, climbed on the playground, and for just a few minutes we watched a baseball game.

It was a great night.

I know I've been complaining about the heat.  I know I've been complaining that we're too busy and that I'm 'burnt out'.  But, this baseball thing, this is what summer is all about.  I guess I'll keep it on the bucket list for next year.  And, Aunt Dani and Brock {although I have no photos of you two}, you better count on being invited next year!

A special thank you to my sweet friend, Dana, for giving us our tickets to the Royals Game.  If you like to play golf, please consider playing in the Rodney White Foundation Golf Tournament this September - your participation will help to continue Rodney's legacy through this foundation.  For more information, check out this Facebook page.