Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Sweetie Boy ~ Turning Three

Me: 'Andrew, are you Momma's Sweetie Boy?

Andrew: 'Ice (yes), me Momma.  Me a Big Boy!'

He is just that.  My Sweetie Boy.

It's hard to believe that three years ago, we were experiencing this.  Andrew's birth day.  His story.  How our Sweetie Boy came into this world.

And, although it was a crazy, roller coaster of a ride, I am so thankful for those days and for every day that has followed with our sweet, Andrew-Man.

He's gone from this...

To this...

To this...

To this...

 In the blink of an eye.

Andrew's entrance into this world was kind of a predecessor to how life with my Sweetie Boy would be...a roller coaster.  But one thing is for certain, this guy, he completes my world.

(For those of you close to us, you know that we've been working with Andrew for about six months now to try and get him to say 'yes'.  Well, he did it!  We still remind him not to say 'aye', but for the most part he is saying 'yes!'.)

Melts. My. Heart.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Andrew's third birthday.  His is spunky, smart, adventurous, silly, imaginative, has a short fuse, loves his chocolate milk and his Momma (in that order), thinks he's a super hero (most of the time), is a fantastic sword fighter, is a natural athlete, is very shy, has a smile and a laugh that is contagious, and the sweetest personality that you'll ever meet.

Happy 3rd birthday, Andrew!  I love you to pieces!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Days

Another gorgeous fall weekend has come and gone and I'm sitting here on Sunday Monday, now more than two weeks later, trying to catch up on the laundry I've put off because we just had to squeeze every last ounce of beautiful out of these fall days.

These fall days have been just about perfect.

I'm so glad that Brandon and I recently made a commitment to spend more of these beautiful days doing fun, memorable, fall things with the boys.  Instead of running here and there and trying to do it all, these past few weeks, we cleared the calendar...let the fun fall where it was meant to be and just rolled with it.

We've been to movies.  The pumpkin patch (a new one this year!).  We've played, coached and watched some soccer.  We've roasted marshmallows in the backyard.  We've celebrated birthdays - with one very special one coming up soon!  We've cleared out the garden and gotten the house, yard, and our minds set for the colder weather ahead.  We've been to the farm to visit gi-mama and grandpa.  We've gone on walks to find rocks and leaves and whatever else these little guys of mine want to hunt. We've had picnics and new play dates.  But, most of all, we've just been enjoying these fall days.

And, while the next two weeks are going to prove to be some of the busiest of the year, I can't help but be ready for them because of the days we've had this month.

We decided to try and new pumpkin patch this year - Peckham's Pumpkin Patch.

It was so peaceful and quiet...well, until we showed up. Ha ha!  No really, it was just what we were looking for - nothing fancy, just some old-fashion pumpkin patch fun.

It didn't hurt that we were only one of three families visiting the Peckham Patch on that beautiful fall day.  It seemed like we had the place to ourselves.

Now, I have to admit that I was feeling under the weather on this day.

But, nothing kept us from the pumpkin patch, the games, or the slides.

Every year this is one of our favorite traditions.  Just look at how beautiful this day was!

Once we had our pumpkins, I knew it wouldn't be long before the boys would beg to carve them.  It only took two weeks for Parker and Andrew to figure out that their pumpkins needed a new look.

So, we carved 'em up.

Andrew didn't ever actually touch the goop inside his pumpkin.  He is my 'neat' boy.

Parker, on the other hand, dug right in.  Up to his elbows in 'pumpkin brains' as he called it.

Soccer.  I'm so glad that Parker (and Andrew) likes soccer.

And, although he's not the most aggressive player on the field, Parker managed to score a few goals this year and learn a thing or two about the game of soccer.

Oh, and did I mention I'm pretty ga-ga over his coach?

He's pretty amazing too.

I feel like we hit the jackpot with our soccer team.  The parents are supportive.  The kids enjoy being around each other, playing soccer, and even practicing.  They all have great attitudes and Brandon has enjoyed coaching this season.

Oh, and I've got the best date to every game.

Even on the rainy days.

I love fall soccer!

The farm is our favorite place to visit on beautiful fall days.

And we just happened to be out there on the most beautiful fall day of the year.

I'll let the photos tell the story.

See...so pretty.  And fun.  And full of good company.  And boys.  And chickens, goats, football, and family.

I've had this post halfway ready for about three weeks now.  And, while all of these fall days have been very exciting and full in every way...they've been busy.  Too busy.

Throw into these fall days the excitement of our 9th wedding anniversary, Homecoming, a trip to Chicago, fall school parties, Halloween....and this momma is officially tired, but enjoying every second of this fall.

Next up: A certain 2 year old will be 'shell-e-brating' his 3rd birthday soon!  We can't wait!

What are you doing with your fall days?  This is my favorite time of the year!!