Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Morning Video

Looking back makes me smile.  Especially the part where we're on the trampoline and Brandon has the boys 'bouncing' me in slow motion.  Don't laugh too hard.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wrapping up Christmas

The tree is down.

Making the boy's favorite Christmas goodies on the Eve of Christmas Eve.

Andrew like the sprinkles....I'm still finding sprinkles all over the kitchen!

Parker is my perfectionist when it comes to cookie making.  I love it.

The new gifts have all found their homes on shelves, in drawers and closets, and under beds (yes, we are hiding some of these gifts for a rainy day).

Boys at the farm.  "I moustache you a question."

They were so eager to open their gifts on Christmas Eve at the farm.

The Santa figures and ornaments are in their snowflake storage bin in the basement.

Series 5 Trashies!

The nativity scene has been replaced with the Valentine's Day decorations...and, where our 'Merry Christmas' sign once hung, there is a red heart with a 'Happy Together' welcome sign.

A bow and arrow set!

Playing Mad Libs with grandma...Cameron loved his moustache!

Silly sock puppets with Grandpa!

And, while the lights are still up outside (it's too bitterly cold to force Brandon in to completing that task), the stark reality is that winter break will be over in less than 48 hours and we have officially wrapped up Christmas.

Playing Qwirkle on Christmas Eve.  The best game ever!

Andrew napped so long on Christmas Eve that we had to wake him up to open gifts!

A Zombie Robot!

Angry Birds Pirate Ship!

But I do believe, we had the best Christmas yet.

Parker picked this scarf out for Brandon at the school holiday shop.  Perfect fit!

This year, Andrew got it.  Not only did he get excited about and enjoy opening his gifts, he actually understood the meaning of Christmas and would proudly talk about baby Jesus in the 'sweeping' in the manger and the three wise men bringing their gifts.

Making Reindeer food!

Putting the food out for the Reindeer!!  It was cooooold!

And, my Parker-Man, well, he was totally into both the receiving and giving of gifts this year.  I think he was holding his breath that Santa would actually bring him the 'Trash Pack Sewer Dump' that he asked for waaaaaay back in October.   But, the jolly fella came through, and this $18 toy, along with the (very hard to find) Series 5 Trashies, made Parker so happy that this Momma didn't care that it was a toy described as a sewer dump.

Christmas morning!

We enjoyed our many moments with family throughout the past couple of weeks, celebrating Christmas.

And, although Christmas day didn't go as planned, we still enjoyed every minute of it.  Yep, even the gas station sandwiches we had for dinner.  We learned this year that Christmas isn't about perfection or food or even having more's about taking time to enjoy each other and being able to just go with it.  And, the smiles...oh, don't get me started on Christmas smiles.  They are the best. Ever.

Andrew got his trampoline.  A big one.  And, it's worth every penny.  The boys don't care that it's 5 degrees and snowing....they want to jump on that thing.  I'm so so so glad we decided to get it this year...but, maybe the Easter bunny should have brought it!

We ended up going to Topeka on Christmas day.  The boys were ob-sessed with Jib Jab this year!

Playing Twister with Uncle Jon!

I'm always sad to see that tree come down.  Another year over with.  And, every time I see a pine needle on the ground (fake, of course), I get nostalgic for the excitement of Christmas.  But, like I told the boys when they were sad that Sammy the elf was leaving for another all happens again next year. 

DeSoto fun!

Elf Cousins

Skylanders Swapforce!

Disney Infinity!

We were excited about the Spider Man toy!

Reese loved the food!

Playing with cousins.

And, I told them a little secret.

Papa is so silly!

Sword fighting cousins!

Andrew loved Uncle Joe this year - Maybe it's because he swung him around like a monkey?!

Reese and Andrew are wrestling.

Every year it just gets better and better and better and better.  So, while this Christmas may have seemed like the best one yet, just wait for next year...

The boys talked their aunts and uncles into jumping in sub-zero degree weather!

Andrew loves Brock.

Watch out Aunt Lauryn!

Ummm...I have no words.  Hopefully you can't read what that paper says.

Because next year it will be the best one yet!

Merry Christmas!