Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear Parker

Dear Parker,

I want you to know how incredible I think you are.  You have this aura around you.  One that people are instantly drawn to.  You don’t notice it, but as you walk down the sidewalk from school, almost every kid out there waiting to be picked up is yelling out some version of ‘Bye Parker’ or ‘See ya Parker’.  People often tell me that there are big plans for your life.  That you are going to change this world of ours with your smart, kind, caring, empathetic, and big heart.  I always agree, because, of course, I’ve known this about you forever. 

I’ve always called you my best boy.  And, once your brother was born, I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t really call you my ‘best boy’ because now I have the two best boys.  But, then I realized that you and Andrew have so many different qualities and that I wasn’t calling you my best boy because I think you are the best one there is, I was calling you that because we’ve always had this amazing bond that I would relate to having with a best friend.  So, I continue to call you my ‘best boy’ because of the bond that we have – which I believe comes from you being my first child. 

You are intelligent.  And, you don’t even have to try.  It’s like you just get it.  You remember everything and you have a knack for reading, science, math, and technology.  I am impressed with your knowledge every day…but, if I happen to tell you this…you play it off like it’s just your mom being a mom and you acknowledge that I complemented you, but then you move on.  You are humble and kind to others who may not have the advantages that you do.  And, it seems like you don’t even realize these differences.   At school you’ve been clipped up to Grand Champion 13 times!  A record for Mrs. Wilken!

You love your family.  You especially love your little brother and you are always trying to show him how to do things, play, love, and learn.  He doesn’t always want to and I know that hurts your feelings, but you jump right back in and try again.  You analyze everything – especially the words that people use.  You take everything very literally and I sometimes have to stop and ask myself if what I’m saying will get you going or if you’ll just go with it.  You’ve taught me about compassion and blindness to other’s differences.  We say (almost) everyday, that it’s good just to be nice to everyone.  And, I really believe you get this.

You are strong, hard-working, fun, empowered, opinionated, loving, kind, smart, empathetic, and you are my guy.  I love it that every night you still want me to snuggle you and that you ask me to read to you, when I know you could very well read to yourself.  I love it that when I make dinner, even when I know you don’t like it, you tell me how good it is (sometimes with a pained expression on your face).  I love it that you are loving and kind to your brother and you don’t shy away from his frustrations.  I love it that you always seem to know what he is saying.  I love it that you argue…because nine times out of ten, you are right.  (Just like your mom.)  I love it that you’d rather be at home rather than anywhere else and I love it that you love to be outside.  Most of all, I love being your mom…you are the one that made me a mom.

My wish is that you never loose your kind heart and your determined, smart mind. 

Love you, sweet boy.


Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Times, Some Butterflies, and Soccer

The other day, this guy got clipped up to Grand Champion for the TENTH  TWELFTH time.  Yep, that's right folks...TEN TWELVE (since starting this post four days ago, he's managed to go up two more times!) times this guy has proven to his teacher that he is one awesome guy!

When more than half of his class has never been clipped up that high, Parker is showing us just how amazing he is at Kindergarten and soon to be First Grade.

So, we celebrated with a visit to our newest favorite hang out - Peach Wave - and ate some frozen yogurt with our toppings.

And, don't even get me started on this little dude.

As we turn the page in to spring, the flowers aren't the only things blossoming at our house.  Andrew is shining.  His favorite song?  "Everything is Awesome!"  His favorite toys?  Ninja Turtles.  His favorite move?  Spider-Man 3...the one with Venom...and Sand-Man.  Oh, how he loves Sand-Man.

And, his newest favorite thing to talk about?  What his momma loves.  Which in Andrew's mind is butterflies and flowers. He even made me a butterfly dot painting at speech this morning.

I love Andrew's thoughts.  I love Parker's determination.

But, what I love most of all is that they are my kiddos and I get to experience this journey of life with them.

We are currently in 'busy spring sports' mode and both of my boys are loving soccer.  Parker is becoming a more aggressive player and Andrew is learning some valuable lessons in listening and doing what he is being instructed to do. 

Both of these boys love soccer.

But, just around the corner is Andrew's first year of t-ball and Parker's favorite sport, baseball.

And, there's only 5 weeks left of school.  What?!  I can't believe it!

Happy Friday!  Now, go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

BTW- Think fast thoughts for me tomorrow as I run in the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon...the first of three half marathons I'll be doing in the next 5 weeks.  I won't have any cheerleaders tomorrow (they have soccer games), so I'll need some extra help from you all!