Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Parker's Back to School Night

Oh my gosh, you guys.

Parker was all smiles...Andrew was super tired from their fun day with grandma, papa, and cousins!
 We just had back-to-school night and I am totally freaking out because I don't know where all of this 'summer time' that it seemed like we had ran off to!

This day crept up on us, like the sneaky little guy that it is, tomorrow is the first day of school.

I haven't done so hot on the whole blogging thing this totally missed out on Andrew's first VBS experience, Parker's second season of baseball, our trip to Science City, our first time camping at Clinton Lake, our trips to the pool....Parker's new found love of the diving board, Andrew's swimming lessons with Mr. Mike, our first visit to see baby Olivia at her house, and so so much more of our summer that I wanted to so desperately share with you!

Parker and his friend Caul, who were so excited to see each other tonight, they ran to one another and hugged!
But, those things have passed and now we are heading back to school...and routines...and fall weather.


Parker got the teacher he wished for...Mrs. Barkley.

{I didn't get a picture!!!}

And, he's in the same class as one of his very best buddies!

{double yeah!}

Parker and Layton this year at back to school night...

I can't wait to see what first grade has in store for this little little man who isn't so little anymore. Seriously, look at the difference in this guy from last year to this year.

Parker and Layton last year at back to school night.  


Whew!  In just a few weeks, I'll also have a preschooler, as Andrew starts his adventure in school.

I can't wait for what the future holds for these two boys...or maybe I can.  For now, I'm soakin' up every ounce of my two guys and their excitement for school!  Happy new school year to you!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Lake and Other News!

I am so excited with anticipation right now, I can hardly stand it!  In just a couple of hours, the boys and I are heading up to visit my new neice!!  A week early, she surprised us all with her entrance into the world and we are so happy that she's {finally} here! 

Pictures will be coming soon....

But, until then, I wanted to share one of our favorite spots with you.

The lake.

We've been going to "Ben and Junelle's" lake for many many years.

As college kids, we loved to go and relax...kick back a few cold ones...and soak up the sun.

As a married couple, we loved to visit and chat with our friends and their sweet family, play games, BBQ some yummy food, and kick back and relax in the sun.

And, for the past 6 years, we've loved going to this little neck of the woods with our kids. 

We love being with our wonderful friends {who are more like family to us} and giving our kids the 'lake' experience with them.

What's even better?!  The kids love it also!  Every summer they look forward to our weekend{s} at the lake and every year they beg to stay longer the next time.

This year was exceptionally fun because Parker can now swim without his life jacket.  He is such a strong swimmer and I love it that he is confindent in his ability and loves the water!

And...Andrew can jump off of the ladder {and the dock, but he especially loved the ladder jumps}!  Andrew can swim and swim and swim {with his life jacket, of course} and he loved having the freedom to jump in and swim on his own!

Who else loves the lake?!

This girl.

Oh, and we loved the hot dog this year.  Ha!

Ummmm....are these boys of mine really riding on a hot dog?!

As summer is quickly winding down. {Can you believe we enroll Parker on Friday?!}  We are soaking up every last bit of summer that we possibly can. 

Kinley's last day {for the summer} is today and we are celebrating that with her by taking her to lunch and giving her the afternoon off! {If you ever need a babysitter...she is simply the sweetest girl I know and the boys love her!}

No photo of the boys and Kinley.  {Insert sad face.}

And...then we are heading up to KC to see my sweet baby niece!  {Since starting this post, we've gone to see her and she is the sweetest thing!  Her name is Olivia and we all love her to pieces!}

Andrew has his tongue tie procedure tomorrow morning {I talked about that back here and updated you all here.} It will be an emotional day for this momma, but I've been so amazed with how Andrew is handling this.  When asked about it, he will explain what's going on and tell you that it is going to 'help him with his words'.  Even when his ornery older brother tries to tell him that they are going to cut out his tongue {Ugh!  Thanks, Parker!}, Andrew corrects him and says that the doctor is simply going to help him move his tongue better.  He's been a trooper and I can't wait to see how this impacts his speech!

We have more ball games this week, a pool party, a movie to go see {the boys can't wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy}, school enrollment, and another camping trip planned for next weekend. 

And, in two weeks {what?!} school will be starting and we'll be getting back into our school routine.  Crazy, I know!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Brave Boy

This little man is the biggest champion in my book.

As soon as my guy started feeling better!
He is tough.

This is Andrew's 'before picture'.  We will take an after picture when it heals up a bit.

I went in to last Thursday as the most nervous momma.  I didn't sleep a wink on Wednesday night and I kept going back and fourth in my mind, trying to decide if we were making the right decision.  I'd heard that this procedure was extremely painful and I started wondering if it were worth it.  If the outcome would be significant enough to be worth the pain it was going to cause my sweet boy.

And...when we got to the doctor's office, the nurses didn't put my mind at ease {ugh!}.  They told me that I would not want to be in the room.  That I wouldn't want to hear my sweet boy's cries...and I did what they recommended because I knew {deep deep down} that they were right.  But, Brandon stayed.  He said he could handle it.

Keep in mind...before the left home we gave Andrew a Valium and once we got to the doctor's office they gave him Nitrate gas to make him feel pretty good about what was going on.  He was a little loopy...singing and smiling and thinking everything was silly.  He was relaxed and that's just how we wanted it.

Andrew's drowsy, silly face.

I went to the waiting room, talked with the receptionist for a few minutes, changed the channel on the TV, got a cup of coffee, took a couple of sips....and they were done!  It was super fast.

I went back to the room and there was my sweet boy {with a swollen mouth and a a sad face} who immediately climbed to my lap, got some love from his Momma, and said he was ready to go home.  We got some instructions from the doc and then we headed home.

Brandon said he was the bravest kid he'd ever seen.  I mean, shots in your mouth and then a laser....ouch!  But Brandon said he was tough and just whimpered a little.

The Nitrous Gas was flavored like bubble gum and this is what they used in the mask.  Andrew loved the way it smelled so they sent it home with him. This goofy boy wanted to wear it on Friday and look like a piggy.

It seemed like smooth sailing from here, but Thursday's pain medicine quickly wore off and it was hard on my Andrew-Man.  It was painful.  He was sad and hungry and tired and all of us were pretty excited to just call it a night on Thursday.

These two are also so amazing.  They put up with my stressed out nerves and helped take care of Andrew.  They are the sweetest boys!

We ended up giving Andrew 1/4 of a dosage of some pain medicine {my paranoia about medication was in full force} and after that he was a completely different kid!  He woke up on Friday morning and it was like nothing was any different than it was before the surgery.  He ate a cinnamon roll, watched some cartoons, played some games, and we even attempted a trip to the playground!! {Although it was pretty hot!}

Ever since then, Andrew's been his normal, sweet, spunky, silly, jabbering guy!  And...he's enjoyed a lot of bomb pops!

Bomb Pops for breakfast!
After hearing horror stories about this {seemingly simple} procedure, I had no idea what to expect from our Andrew-Man, but I have been so amazed at his attitude about this whole thing.  It's like he knows what it's going to do for him.

Almost every day, I tell Andrew how proud I am of him for being so brave.  His response, "No, Mom, me not is scared."  It melts my heart, because isn't that what bravery is?  Doing something, even though you're scared.  I wish he wasn't scared, but I am truly amazed at his bravery and his spirit about going through this procedure.

He is our brave boy.