Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Welcome December

Me: "Andrew, did you just hear the words in this song?  They said, I saw Momma kissing Santa Claus!  Gross!"

Andrew: "Wat (that)
is gwross, Mom."

Me: "Yep, it would be scratchy to kiss Santa, because he has such a big beard and a moustache."

Andrew: "Oh no, Mom.  Wanta's (Santa's) beard isn't watchy (scratchy), it's wery (very), wery (very) woft (soft)."

Me: "It is?!"

Andrew: "Wep (yep), Wanta's (Santa's) beard is woft (soft) because it is made out of cotton candy, Mom."


Oh, how I love the month of December.

I love conversations like the one above.  I love the afterglow of wonderful memories made during Thanksgiving.  I love dusting off the Christmas decoration Rubbermaid totes in the basement and  I love it when Brandon drags our (way too big) 9 foot tree from the basement.  I love twinkling lights.  I love fake reindeer in the yard.  I love lit trees on the door step.

 I love making our gingerbread village.  I love watching Christmas movies.  I love cold winter nights, with the fireplace heating up the house.  I love making Christmas cookies.  I love the cheesy Christmas singing stuffed animals that my kids play over and over and over. 

I love the plastic candy canes that quickly become swords in our house.  I love our Elf on the Shelf, Sammy who brings Lego advent calendars every year.  I love ordering and addressing Christmas cards.  I love listening to Christmas music.  I love checking gifts off of my list...and I love wrapping and the excitement around each one.

As you all know, this is a pretty intense moment in our lives....a moment where decisions must be made, kids are keeping us busy, and life is almost too fast to keep up with, but somehow, during this month of December, all of that is pushed to the side. 

The busy and rushed moments that consume us are forgotten. 

 The magic of Christmas is upon us.

December, I welcome you with open arms.