Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Moments

We had a wonderful Christmas!  And, a nice break from the daily grind of school and work....tomorrow we go back and I am {kind of} looking forward to getting back into our routine and getting my house back from the Christmas chaos.

Today I had time to upload my photos from Christmas...all 386 of them.  Ha! We captured some pretty fun moments through these photos and I just love looking back through all of them.

We had a fun Christmas Eve at the farm...although we were missing one of the C and C duo and were sad about that...we improvised and the boys {and Miss O} had a pretty special time doing their 'crafts', sharing a Christmas Eve lunch, and opening their gifts.

I love how Andrew is always trying to get Miss O to smile.  He is successful 100% of the time

We are very blessed to have Great Grandma Elaine at Christmas. Miss O loves relaxing on her lap.

We really missed Cameron and Aunt Kasey this year...the boys even took a photo and pretended that their missing cousin was in the picture!

We missed you, Cam!

I love our new(er) tradition of spending the evening of Christmas Eve at home...just the four of us.  As it has been for the past three years, Andrew has fallen asleep on our way home from Christmas at the farm...thus making a very impatient older brother.  

This year we had an extra special gift for our big guy and we let him open it up while Andrew was still snoozing.

Never in a million years did Parker think we would buy him an iPod.  But, he's been talking about it for about a year now.

And, with his newly found love of listening to music, we thought that this would be a wonderful surprise for our him.

I just love these pictures of him finding out that he got something he was totally not expecting to ever get!

Love these two techy guys!

Then Andrew woke up!

Andrew's favorite gift was one that his big bro picked out for him.  Parker saw that Super Man robot and just knew that Andrew would love it! most parents feel this time of gotta be fair.  So, Andrew received his own iPad mini this year.  {Thanks to a nice sale at Target on Thanksgiving!}

Parker even took his first selfie with that iPod on Christmas Eve!

And....after a night of many threats to my kids that Santa would NOT be stopping at our house if they did NOT go to sleep, he arrived...leaving goodies for the boys to find in the morning. 

And, out of all of the gifts they received from Santa, I think I can safely say that they love their new slippers the best! Ha! 

Even mom {myself} got something special from Santa.  I just love this wall hanging that my out for me!  It fits our family so well.

Parker was very excited to try out his new Melt N Mold!

And...Andrew in his dinosaur slippers.

Christmas is special to me because of these two.  I just love their kind and giving hearts...and I love the excitement they have from giving and receiving gifts at Christmas time!

Later that day, we headed to De Soto to spend some time with more cousins and Grandma and Papa!

The kids always enjoy being the Elves and handing out gifts.  And, of course, they enjoy opening them as well!

No Christmas is complete without a magic show!

Or a game of Mustache Smash!

Andrew liked pretending that the packaging was a castle!

We had a wonderful Christmas day with family and I love it that every year seems to out-do the last! 

Did you know that celebrating Christmas in our family is a week-long party?!  Well, it is.  And, the weekend following Christmas we got to visit more family and celebrate this wonderful holiday!

Grandpa Mike always seems to surprise my kiddos in some way and this year they were overwhelmed with gifts and love from him!  Even Aunt Dani had a few tricks up her sleeve...making the boys unwrap 10 or so boxes before they could find her gift! 

Miss Olivia was there also!  Look at those smiles!  And, yep, Andrew is always in pajamas! Ha!

Our Christmas was merry and bright and full of magical moments.  I can't believe it's over and that we're 5 days in to 2015!  

2014 is going to be hard to beat...and, I'll do a countdown of our favorite moments of 2014 soon, but until then, stay tuned...I think 2015 is going to rock our world!