Sunday, September 20, 2015

this is 8

Today is one of my most very favorite days.

Today, this guy has a birthday.

This is what 8 looks like.

Riding his bike to school...

{I know he could probably do it on his own, but every morning and every afternoon we pack everyone up in the stroller and walk with Parker as he speeds ahead to school on his bike.  I love it that he can do this...and that we get to do it with him.  Along with our sweet neighbor friends!}

Playing soccer...

Eating us out of house and home...but I love soccer pictures.

No, seriously, I can not keep enough apples in this house.  Today I bought 20.  And, peanut name it and this guy will eat it.  All of it.  

Playing Watching other people play Minecraft.  What is this crazy phenomenon?  That British guy...the airhead couple from Florida...the two year old who now has his own action figure at Target? Really?!  Why didn't I jump on this?!  

I only had a picture of him in a Minecraft shirt...I choose to not remember the hours spent on that game.
Playing baseball...

Watching baseball...

Everything baseball!

Reading, reading, reading...

{Well, I don't actually have any pictures of him reading...usually it's at bed time and I'm too tired to think about photos at that point.  But I like this picture.  I wonder what Parker is thinking about in this one?!}

Playing kickball, playing cul-de-sac baseball, playing 'beach' kickball, wrestling his brother on the trampoline, riding his bike, playing catch, playing a pick-up game of, canoeing, hiking...

Making friends.  Parker keeps telling Andrew that our 'move' is the best thing ever.  You get to make more friends!  He will be mayor one day...

I found these 'selfies' on my phone today...

Tall socks.  To the dismay of his mother.

Helping his brother.

Still wanting his mom to snuggle him when he has a bad dream.

See what I mean about those socks.  Ugh!  Pick your battles, right?!
And, learning how to 'talk back' to his mom.

Loving on his Bella.

And throw back hats.

Going EVERYWHERE with his, seriously, these two are best buds.

The year of being 7 has been good to our guy.  But, I think 8 holds a lot of promise too.  

Happy birthday, Parker!  I love everything that you are!