Friday, October 30, 2015


As October starts to wind down, I'm starting to feel more relaxed....less stressed...I think it's the cooler weather, the calmer evenings, the less busy days and weekends.  I love this month.

I love it so much that I'm actually sad that another year of October is over.

This one was a little different.

We are in a new place.  With new traditions.

New schools with new school parties.

New places to wear costumes.

New Halloween decorations to place in new spots.

New people to share this time with.

I'm not gonna lie...yesterday during the school Halloween party when Parker's {award winning} Godzilla costume was mistaken for a dinosaur, when I looked in his mask and saw tears because the fan in the costume had fallen out and we couldn't figure out how to fix it, when he whispered to me that this was the worst Halloween ever....I felt like crying myself.  When other lifelong buddies were taking pictures together...and we are missing ours.  When everyone else knows what's going on and we feel lost.  But, I didn't cry.  I held it together and calmly told Parker that I would fix his costume after the school parade.  He was sad and I couldn't help him.  I told him that it was okay.  That he still looked awesome.  And, he made it through.

He ended up taking off his costume and enjoyed his class party...he actually had a great time after the parade and I was so glad to be there with him.

I keep telling myself that this one moment, was just that.  Just one moment.  And, we've had too many happy moments to count.

October has been good to us.

I turned another year older {25, again, you know}.

We ended a baseball season and two soccer seasons.

We celebrated 11 years of marriage...whew!

We have enjoyed spending time with new {and old} friends.

We've enjoyed cheering on the Royals.

Parker {despite the costume malfunction} is loving school and doing so well...Andrew is also and I forgot to mention that he loved his Halloween party!  Brandon was with him while I helped out in Parker's class and {although it was a last minute decision} Andrew made the best ninja ever!

We are enjoying new 'fun' places to explore.

I am absolutely LOVING my time at home with my boys {and my nieces}.  This has been my calling for quite some time now and I am so thankful to be able to have this time with my family.

Yep, as October winds down, I am reminded of just how blessed we are.  This is the best part of my life...being a mom, a wife, and getting to share so many moments {the good and the not-so-good} with my family.  Watching my boys adjust to a new place with new traditions has been amazing.  They are simply amazing.

As November approaches, I am going to try and remind myself more often of these many blessings and be more thankful in my writing.  Every day.  It's a challenge, but one that I feel like I need to do again this year.

Until then, Happy Halloween you guys!  Happy October!

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