Friday, November 20, 2015

this is 5

Today is Andrew's big day.

So handsome...I can't even handle it!
Today, this guy turns 5.

For some reason, 5 seems so big.  Like, how is it possible that my baby is 5.

He loves all things super hero's.  He loves all things outside.  He loves Minecraft (mostly because his big bro loves it).  He loves school.

He's my big guy most of the time...but, sometimes I see a glimpse of my sweet baby boy.

And, it's hard to believe that this was happening 5 years ago.  {easily the most scary day of my life}

Andrew surprised us the day he was born and he's kept us on our toes ever since.  He's adventurous, outspoken, kind, and loving.

He's just perfect and I can't imagine a more awesome 5 year old kid.

Love this.
Happy 5th birthday, sweet boy.

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